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It is your choice...

It is your choice whether or not you answer any questions. An officer will most certainly question you about your drinking pattern, eating pattern, etc. The officer will make it seem that you have no choice but to answer his questions. Chances are, if you do answer the officer’s questions then you are likely handing evidence of your guilt to the officer, or, giving the officer fodder to twist your words and actions into evidence of guilt. You do not have to answer these questions.

You may simply say, as politely as possible, to all alcohol related questions or commands to perform tests: "Officer, am I free to go?"

It is your choice whether or not you perform any field sobriety tests. Most people feel that they have to perform these tests when asked. You have a right to deny these tests. If you do the tests, again, all you are doing is handing over evidence of your guilt or giving the officer material to twist into evidence that he will claim proves your guilt..

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