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Albukerk & Associates was founded by Nick Albukerk. Nick Albukerk has over twenty three years of experience with every facet of litigation. Nick Albukerk has tried over 700 cases, and handled thousands: DUIs, misdemeanors, felonies, drug cases, rape cases, murders, medical malpractice and personal injuries cases. In 1983, Nick Albukerk began his career at the Suffolk County, New York Medical Examiner’s Office where he assisted the medical examiner and learned a variety of, forensic tools, processes and tests. In 1987 Nick Albukerk interned full time as an investigator with the Washington D.C. Public Defender’s Service.
Lesson learned: you cannot win your case without good facts; good facts only come with complete immersion into the case. That is why Nick Albukerk makes every effort to go to the scene immediately, talk to the witnesses, get statements, and understand every detail and nuance of your case.

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